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Best Wall Décor Ideas from Wallpics Photo Tiles

While decorating the house, people thank of everting but not of the walls. Mostly, they are ignored all the time. Wallpaper and pictures-that what people usually put on them. Still, the walls of the house are canvases to design your life and nowadays there are much more decor techniques you can use to make your walls look attractive and modern. Each new house or flat is a blank space until you move in with your furniture and belongings to make it comfortable. And in this article you’ll find the best options to choose from in order to decorate your house and turn these blank walls into the center of attention.

There are indeed many aspects to picking up inspiration and implement them on the walls of the house. If you are on the run for ideas to decorate your walls, here are some ways to find the best wall décor ideas!

  1. Show your hobbies

Walls are the best place to hang in your most joyous habits and hobbies. If you love doing something like painting, doodling, collecting coins, traveling or even playing music – you can make walls a part of it. Select the wall of the house that is suited best to display your hobbies and make it a collective of things you like to do. You can hang in your music instrument; paintings etc. or doodles the entire wall with your ideas. You can choose to go creative and just put up your most loved treasures on the wall to make it something worthwhile. While it will be inspiring for you always – the walls with continue grabbing attention from others!

  1. Take inspiration from Magazines

Magazines are go-to guides for taking inspiration of home interiors, décor, and wall décor ideas. The interior magazines especially feature some of the most luxurious, intriguing and trendiest home décor ideas from around the world. You can subscribe to some of the magazines and take inspiration from them for your wall décor. Don’t miss out on special editions which feature wall décor ideas and inspiration that works.


  1. Put up pictures or photos

One of the oldest rules to bring attention to walls is to hang in some memorable pictures. Putting up pictures on the wall is always happiness inducing. However, this time you can get a bit creative and add in pictures that aren’t just memories but also something extraordinary. Get a photo-shoot of you and your partner in something outstanding and feature a picture on the wall. You can put your favorite photos using photo frames and damage your walls or you can choose to hang Wallpics photo tiles on your walls. It’s the trendy technique that allows you to decor the walls in the shortest period of time and with the best photos and moments of your life. Wallpics tiles are completely stickable so that there’s no need to have additional material. They are easily removable that means that they are wall-friendly and can be reused. Reasonable price, premium quality and free shipping – these are the factors that have made this application one of the most popular. To download this great app, you can use App Store or Play Market. In addition, visit website to find more the ideas of how to decorate your house.

  1. Go DIY style!

Do-It-Yourself! Instead of hiring another interior designer to tell you which color to paint the wall follow your intuition. Learn some DIY hacks and paint your walls using your own ideas and design. Pick up colors that you like with hacks that work on the walls. You can make use of newspapers cut in patterns, stencils to draw objects or hang in some lights to cast an impression. Threadwork, paper-cuttings, cloth designs, etc. work brilliantly too.

  1. Pick up ideas from restaurants & hotels

Restaurants and hotels are always on point with their wall decors. With state of the art collection of décor and colors that set in the mood just right, they can be what you really need for a little inspiration. Visit some of the most popular and beautiful restaurants and have a look at their decorated walls. Alternatively, the next time you walk into your favorite restaurant have a closer look at their interiors to mark what you like most about that place. Probably turning your house wall in the way you like will make you love the house even more!

  1. Show off your love for books

Apart from reading, book lovers are fond of collecting books and owning a library is a part of their dream! Use this idea while decorating your house or flat. Collect your books and make it a part of your wall décor. Put the bookshelf on the wall to decorate it or just put in the pictures of some books that you love reading. As you know, books unite people as they are the topic to speak about thus making people find common interests. Moreover, they can help your walls look in an original way.

  1. Collect antiques

If you are someone who loves to collect antiques and vintage items – displaying your love on the wall might be the best idea. Antiques make for a vibrant presence on the walls. Antique clocks or paintings add in some feel to the wall, they also offer a sharp contrast in the modern houses. With vintage collectives on the wall – the beauty of the wall can get a few notches higher.

  1. Show off your painting skills

For someone who loves to paint anything can be a canvas. You can choose to paint on your walls to give an edge to your house appearance or paint a few paintings and hang them up on the wall to create a perspective. A painter can make their wall interesting by making a display of their best paintings on the wall. For this, you can choose the dining table walls or the living room walls.

  1. Minimalism

Choose to go with minimal things to create the best impression. Add in a few things like a large mirror, a picture and some inspiring greenery around using minimalism technique, to make your wall look beautiful and modern. One of the best additions to make is to choose a unique wall lamp that provides pleasant light in the room and makes the walls look decorated with taste.

  1. Random

Choosing to put random things on the wall that seem of interest to you! Fairy lights, Polaroid pictures, travel collectives, doodles, etc. can altogether make your walls look originally decorated. This trick works best for the bedroom walls to make them more personalized and heavenly. Going random on the things you put up can be inspiring and fulfilling to the soul.

In conclusion, you’ve found brilliant 10 ideas to use while decorating your house or flat. Choose the one or combine several to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere in the place you live in. Use the modern and easiest techniques, for example, such as Wallpics without taking any extra effort, for that simply choose the photos, make the order, receive it and decorate! It will make the walls more glamorous, beautiful, and edgy!

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