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Best Waterproof Gadgets You Can Buy

The monsoon season is the time for the great outdoors, when you can enjoy the scenic views of lush greenery all around and soak in the rain. But wait, what about your latest electronic gadgets like your smartphone, earphones, tablets, etc.? Won’t they get totally destroyed in the rain? Well, they certainly will, but not if you invest in gadgets that are guaranteed to be waterproof. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest waterproof gadgets that will allow you to enjoy the monsoon season without any restrictions.

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker: These are completely waterproof and can float on water. So, even if you are taking a dip in a swimming pool or a river or lake, you will still have access to your favorite music. You can even take calls if the device has that feature. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers are a must-have for your weekend getaways in the rainy season.

Waterproof smartphone: There are many brands that offer waterproof smartphones. If you watch YouTube, you may have come across videos where people have actually submerged these devices into water to test its waterproof capabilities. And many of these devices have passed the test with not just water, but other liquids as well such as soft drinks, milk, etc. You can choose a waterproof smartphone that has good reviews and is available within your budget. Carrying a waterproof smartphone will give you more freedom to enjoy nature to its fullest during the monsoons.

Action camera: Want to record your bike ride in the rain? How about recording your trek in a scenic valley with verdant mountains and gushing waterfalls? For these purposes, you will need a good quality waterproof action camera. These are water resistant for up to 30 feet, depending on the brand. You can record 4K videos with these devices and also take high-resolution photos.

Waterproof powerbank: When you are enjoying your weekend in the lap of nature, a waterproof powerbank can come very handy. It will be able to withstand the rain and moisture and continue to power up your devices. A must have for your jungle treks during the monsoon season.

While buying waterproof electronics gadgets, read the details to ensure that the product is really waterproof and not just spill proof. There’s a difference between waterproof and spill proof, so don’t get confused. A waterproof item will be able to resist water up to a certain depth whereas a spill proof item can just sustain splashes of water. Make sure you buy waterproof gadgets for maximum protection and fun during the monsoon season.


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