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Best Ways To Combine Indian Jewellery With Western Outfits

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As an increasing number of women in India are leaving the confines of their homes and going out for work and leisure, it makes practical sense for them to wear easily manageable clothing such as Western clothing. Another reason for rising preference for Western clothing is that the country is now more integrated with the global economy and there’s considerable exchange of sartorial ideas and trends. Since Indians love their jewellery, the next question that comes to mind is how to combine Indian jewellery with Western outfits. Is it even possible? Well, combining Indian jewellery with Western clothing is certainly possible and it’s not that difficult also. Here are some of the best ways to combine Indian jewellery with Western outfits.

Silver jewellery: For cold shoulder tops and maxi dress, you could combine it with a wide variety of Indian jewellery made from silver. Silver jewellery looks stunning and there are plenty of options to choose from such as silver necklace, silver bangles, silver bracelets, and silver earrings. Silver jewellery is affordable, rugged and easily manageable. Silver jewellery is also versatile and it can be paired with Western outfits of various colors.

Jhumka and Chandbaali: These look gorgeous on a pretty face and work well with various types of Western outfits. The thing about jhumka and chandbaali is that they can transform an ordinary looking outfit into something truly remarkable. Some recommendedWestern clothing options for pairing jhumka and chandbaali include jumpsuit, high-waist pencil skirt and Indo-Western collar kurti.

Maang Tikka: Certainly, you won’t be wearing this to office, but it makes a good choice for parties and other celebration events. Maang Tikka can be combined with various Western dresses, similar to the ones that Bollywood actresses like Deepika and Alia have sported in recent times. Maang tikka with Western clothing ensemble comes across as truly unique and it can help you get all the attention you are craving.

Necklace: These are an integral part of Indian jewellery and include items such as Kundan necklace, pearl necklace and necklace sets. For a stunning look, these are best paired with off-shoulder Western dresses. The combination of necklace with Western off-shoulder dresses is a good way to flaunt your sleek neckline and lovely collar bones. When you want to be the center of attraction, this is the combination you should try.

The tips provided above are just recommendations and a basic guide to help you get started in the right direction. There are no hard and fast rules here. Ultimately, it’s you who has to choose and decide which Indian jewellery works best with your Western outfit. So go ahead and experiment. We are sure you will get a hang of it pretty soon.

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