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Best ways to keep your nether regions clean and healthy

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Talking about the nether regions is a taboo, even today. Although over the years, there has been a huge difference in people’s mindset about such topics, there are still few people who refrain from talking about their nether regions hygiene issues. However, maintaining hygiene related to nether regions is crucially important. Hence, below are the few tips to keep your nether regions clean and healthy:

Hygiene tips for ladies:

  • Wash your private parts only with water and mild soap:

Your vagina itself is an advanced machine, which cleans itself pretty well. Then, what about these white/yellowish discharges? Well, that’s from your vagina cleaning itself.

A healthy nether region contains good bacteria, which helps to balance your private area’s Ph level. However, contact with harsh soaps containing perfumes can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. Hence, one should use mild soaps to wash the nether region to avoid various infections.

  • Wipe your private parts from front to back:

The direction you clean your private parts can make a huge difference. Many gynaecologists recommend cleaning your private parts from front to back to avoid spreading of germ from rectum to your vagina, bladder etc and may further lead to infections such as UTI.

  • Wear cotton undergarments:

Cotton undergarments have better air circulation than other fabrics, which keeps your vulva dry. It also helps to keep bad bacteria at bay. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that restricts air flow.

Hygiene tips for Men:

  • Use Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is good for its antibacterial properties. Hence, when it is applied in small quantity on the penis skin, it can help to minimise the harmful bacteria, keeping your penis odor-free.

  • Trim your pubic hair:

Another great way to dispel harmful bacteria is to keep the public hair trimmed.It not only holds in sweat and heat, but also prevents bacteria from growing. Excessive public hair also traps in bad odor. So, to keep your private parts clean, it is always a good idea to keep your pubic hair trimmed.

  • Keep it dry:

Never get dressed when your penis is still wet. Gently pat dry with the towel. Avoid rubbing your private parts vigorously as this can irritate the penis skin.

Make use of the above tips to keep your private parts healthy and free from painful and irritating infections. A few efforts to combat bacterial growth can help you overcome horrid infections.

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