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Best Windows Spy Software to Track Dishonest Employees

spy software to track employees

TheOneSpy has one of the best computer monitoring solutions and probably windows spy software is the best employee spy software of all time.  No matter if you want to track windows laptops and desktop PCs of your employees you can do it within no time. You can spy on your employees in a sneaky or an open way and get to know what they are doing in real –time.

However, you can capture the windows screen in terms of screenshots to have documented proof of your employee’s activities. It means you can catch the one who gets involved in something fishy. That means you can protect your business form the dishonest employees and filter the ones who are not serious in terms of productivity. So I am going to bring your attention to its user –friendly interface, installation process, and affectivity of the features.

How to Install Windows monitoring app?

Initially, you have to perform a couple of things that are very crucial to reach your target and get what you are looking for. You just need to visit the official website of the computer monitoring app and then get the windows monitoring solution. You have to get the subscription of windows tracking app and then you will get credentials such as passcode and ID.

Moreover, then you get physical access to the target device and start the installation process. Once you have completed successfully, and then need to activate it on the target device. When you have done with the activation process then you need to use the credentials that allow you to get access to the electronic web portal. Now you can get access to the employee monitoring app for windows features. Here are the following features of the monitoring software for windows.

Windows tracking app features

Website blocking

Windows tracking spyware empowers employers to remotely block all the websites on the target device that has nothing to do with the employees within the working hours. Moreover, you can just put the URLs of the inappropriate websites on which employees waste time most of the time and put to the filters. Then your employers who try to waste time within the working hours on entertaining websites could not do anymore due to the already blocked websites.

Mighty Alarms

Employers can set alarm on the activities that are unauthorized for the employees. When any one of the employees of the business organization tries to get access to the prohibited activity mighty alarms alert the employees. Then the employer can stop the disgruntled or dishonest employee to perform the action that can cost an employer heavily. So, all the employers who want to protect from the dishonest employees need to use the alarms of the computer spy software for windows.

On-Demand screenshots

An employer can remotely capture the screenshots of the target windows device screen and you can monitor all the suspicious activities of your employees within the working hours on the company’s owned devices. You can get to know what sort of activities employees have performed on their devices running with windows operating system.

User –friendly reports

An employer can get all the reports about each and every single activity to happen on the target device. An employer can get reports about the following activities.

  • Top categories
  • Sent/received emails
  • Activity logs
  • Alarm logs
  • Productivity
  • Strokes & mouse
  • Visited websites
  • Visited Apps

Online & offline tracking

You can perform both online and offline tracking on your employee’s company’s owned windows desktop devices to catch if them if they have involved in something fishy. 

Real-time monitoring

The end user can monitor all the activities of the employees within the working hours in real time and stay updated all the time what they are doing on their windows laptop devices at the certain point of time.

Invisible Mode tracking

You can spy on the employee’s windows activities in a complete sneaky way and they will not have clue that Boss has kept an eye on their productivity to the fullest.


TheOneSpy computer monitoring app is the ultimate and reliable tool that enables employers to monitor all the activities of the employees on windows desktop and laptop devices. However, the user can catch them red-handedly if get involved in something fishy.

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