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The West is groaning under the tyranny of Shylocks and the East is groaning under the tyranny of priests” – Swami Vivekananda.

This world renowned great Hindu Monk rightly put the misery of the world in his statement.His words and teachings have captivated and inspired citizens of many nations.Mankind has evolved from many ages.Civilizations have progressed with many changes.That the current Century is the most civilized and the most beneficial to mankind remains to be speculated.To make the world a better place,we indeed need to be very perspicuous and honest with our goal.The Western world,majority of whom are quite rich have witnessed a lot of blood-shed and loss of lives even the post Second World War era.The Western Countries are still found to endorse themselves on a materialistic culture.The Eastern World on the other hand have not broken the shackles of spiritual anomalies.The absurd beliefs and practices which have ridiculed and hindered the development of these masses and rendered them illiterate and poor still continue to be practiced in this part of the planet.However,there has been no blood-shed and death on account of materialism.A sense of peace,tranquility,brotherhood has prevailed among this part of the world.The Eastern countries have given rise to the jewels but lacked the jewel boxes.The Western nations had the jewel boxes but did not produce the jewels.I would like the Western world to imbibe some part of the rational spirituality of the  East and The Eastern nations to embrace a bit of materialism of the West.The African nations need to be intellectually explored.People of that continent continue to bear the brunt of racism,extreme poverty,ignorance etc.These nations are considered the most poor in the world .They live a highly subdued lifestyle.I would like to see the African nations under the civilized and the educated domain.Another of the major problems prevalent in the World is the unjust inequality meted out to women. There should be equal opportunities granted to Women in all realms and domains of life.The increasing amounts of Rapes and molestation cases in India proves the fact of a  bias attitude.Muslim women in particular are the most backward classes in the society.Majority of the Muslim women in Pakistan and India are not granted the access to Education.There families still bear the conservative attitude in them.Child Labour is another burning issue in today’s world.Various poor children are exploited and made to work illegally under hazardous conditions.Both Boys and Women are subjected to oppression and unfair exploitation.Poor Girls are forced to prostitution right from a young age.I would like to see more initiative and stern actions taken against such injustices in this century.With the recognition given to Mr Kailash Satyarthi and Miss Malala Yousafzai,both child right activists from India and Pakistan by jointly awarding them the Noble Peace prize has given the cause a major boost worldwide.All children on earth should be granted basic Education.Education itself should be more character building and life building.Swami Vivekananda had said”Education is not the amount of information that is put into your brain and runs riot there,undigested,all your life.We must have life building,character making and man making assimilation of ideas.We want that education by which character is formed,strength of mind is increased,intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one,s feet.”The Indian Education system is more marks and grade oriented without much stressing on the overall growth and mind development of the candidate. The UPSC Civil Services Exam which conducted for the Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service are one of the toughest in the planet.However IAS & IPS officers are found to be immoral on charges of bribery and corruption.Health is another issue of serious importance.Cancer still happens to be growing in its forms and more and more kinds of it are being discovered.The medical treatment should reach to the poor and needy.Ebola in Africa has claimed lots of lives.Medical research should be stressed and carried out on Cancer,Swine Flu,AIDS etc.World Population has reached 7 billion.Family planning on highly populated countries like China,India,Pakistan,Indonesia,Bangladesh should be implemented at the earliest.The burgeoning population is due to the large scale Illiteracy prevalent there.Apart from these issues,the most momentous of all is the cause of Environment.The impact of High Population and Industries has caused an adverse effect on the Environment.Pollution,Global Warming,Melting of Glaciers,Greenhouse gas emission has been a major concern for us.These problems need to be seriously addressed for our own survival.The Rapid use of Natural resources has seriously affected the environmental balance.Continuous cutting down of trees i.e Deforestation has posed serious threats against the ecological balance in our environment.Many wildlife species are getting extinct as their habitats are getting sabotaged on the increasing human influence on them.Large hectares of Forest land are cut and displaced with agricultural lands and Industries.Few steps like Solar panels and Wind power have been developed and discovered to provide Eco-friendly methods of Energy.The best technology must be adopted to check and prevent the Environmental menace and imbalance prevalent in this century.Corruption also has been a vigilant issue in our society.This artificially creates an economic,social gap between the Rich and the poor.The Rich are found to enhance their finances and the poor are found to be lingering more and more into misery.Thus a moral and highly dignified society is the need of this century.The challenge of Poverty remains to be fixed by us.This artificial gap created subjects people to abject poverty thus leading to the way of crimes.South Africa witnesses around 17000 murders in a year!Terrorism also paves way from such processes.The rise of Islamic Terrorist organisations like Al-Qaeda,Taliban,Bokoharam,Lashkar-e-taiba,Indian Mujahideen,ISIS have posed a serious threat towards humanity.The brutal execution videos of beheadings released by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) have shook this civilized world.The innocent killing of 132 children on Army public school at Peshawar,Pakistan have made the world bewildered and flabbergasted at the inhumanity and cruelty of the terrorists.I would like to see all countries coming forward together breaking their Egoism and Ideological differences and fight together unified against Terrorism.Last but not the least I would like to see greater accomplishments in the field of Science and Technology.We have to admit that Technology has progressed and improved the lifestyle of mankind to another level.It has also brought the world more closer.However I would like to see Technology develop and progress not at the cost of our survival and our Environment.Similar Technologies must be adopted to address our key Environmental Problems.Only then can we expect this Century to be the most developed and beneficial to mankind.Together with the key measures and steps taken we can make this World a better place.

By: Ankit

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