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Beware of fake social media accounts created for purpose of deception — AutoForSure

AutoForSure has today reminded the public to be circumspect of fake accounts created on social media for the purpose of fraud and cheating.

AutoForSure wrote a message on their official page, “We – AutoForSure, do not hire anyone on Facebook/Instagram. Please do not fall for dummy/fake profiles under our names promising 100% approved recruitment on AutoForSure.”

According to AutoForSure, cyber gangsters create a replica profile under AutoForSure’s founder (Sarthak Sharma), co-founder (Kushagra Kumar) name to run fake recruitment ads, and message people; promising assured recruitment for payments in return. The modus operandi is to create a false profile to run advertisements and message unemployed people looking for a job. Then, they ask for a registration charge fee to enrol themselves on the platform.

However, AutoForSure does not charge any registration fees from their partners while recruiting and works on a no commission-based model. The only way to apply for the position is to fill the application on the online portal, or official email ID of AutoForSure.

Kushagra Kumar said, “The name of the replica account does match with our names, they tend to copy the detailed bio of our profiles and upload similar posts and photos to look like a legitimate profile.”

Sarthak Sharma said, “We are well aware of the ongoing issue concerning our fake profiles. We are actively working resolving the issue. We report fake profiles and pages as we come across them.”

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