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Beware of ‘Font Wasn’t Found’ malware

Virus and malware attacks continue to create trouble for online users. In a new type of malware attack that has just been discovered, users are coming across a new pop-up that says ‘Font wasn’t found’. It then asks users to click on a link to download the missing font. Any user who clicks the malicious link would actually end up downloading an unknown file that can potentially compromise the confidentially of user’s information such as passwords, bank account details, etc. The malware has been detected on Google Chrome and cases have been detected on both Windows and Mac.

It’s very difficult to brand the pop-up as fake since it carries the original Chrome logo. The pop-up appears on certain sites only. Reports indicate that neither Windows Defender nor Chrome is able to detect and tag the download as malicious. Moreover, only 9 out of 59 anti-virus software programs were able to classify the download as malicious and safely neutralize it. Anti-virus experts are currently investigating the download to know what harm the file can cause to computers.

It is generally recommend that users should not download files from unverified or unreliable sources, as it could be a virus or malware.

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