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Beware! This website is selling all your personal details

Have you taken a loan in the last 10 years? If yes, then it is possible that your name, address, phone number, bank account number, dealer’s name and date of purchase of car, all these information is available on a private website. It’s likely that your personal information is being sold on the website. Here you will find an Excel sheet that provides information related to the customer.

There is, however, a fact that most of India’s users are barely conscious about privacy, because they feel that even if information is available, then what is the harm to it? There have been instances where the public is not concerned about their own online privacy.

However, those who are worried about their privacy and do not want your personal information to be public, then they should be aware of this.

The server of this website ( has many Excel files that contain the details of the customers. Some of these files have also written dates and months on which they have been uploaded. Some files are based on cities that will get information about the customers living in a particular city.

Since this website was exposed, it has been taken down, but users can still see the files in Google cache.

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