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Bhaiaji Superhit Movie Review

Release Date: November 23, 2018
Cast: Sunny Deol, Preity Zinta, Ameesha Patel, Shreyas Talpade, Arshad Warsi, Mithun Chakraborty, Jaideep Ahlawat, Prakash Raj, Lillete Dubey, Pankaj Tripathi, Mukul Dev, Simran Kaur Mundi, Brijendra Kala
Director: Neeraj Pathak
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

The Deols have been trying to make a comeback in Bollywood with quite a few films launched in the last 12 months. We have seen Poster Boys, Yamla Pagla Deewana: Phir Se, Mohalla Assi and now we have Bhaiaji Superhit. However, it seems like the Deols haven’t had the blessings of lady luck, as all of these films have failed to get the desired response from the audience. Sunny Deol may have given super-duper hits during the heydays of his career, but it appears that times have changed and people’s tastes have evolved.

Coming to Bhaiaji Superhit, the movie is about Lal Bhaisahab Dubey aka 3D (Sunny Deol), who is the most powerful don in Varanasi. The comic aspect about his life is that on the one hand he rules other mafia dons and on the other he is ruled by his wife Sapna Dubey (Preity Zinta). Sapna also belongs to a crime family, so she matches Dubey in eccentric, wild and daring behavior. After a fight, Sapna leaves Dubey, which impacts Dubey emotionally and he starts losing interest in life and his work. As Dubey loses focus on work, another crime lord starts making plans to overthrow Dubey and become the top don in Varanasi. However, Dubey is the least bothered and all he cares about is getting his wife back. So he decides to make a film to impress his wife. In the process, new characters are introduced – sly director Goldie Kapoor (Arshad Warsi), the submissive writer Tarun Porno Ghosh (Shreyas Talpade) and the gorgeous superstar Mallika (Ameesha Patel).

The movie starts with a positive note and there are quite a few interesting and funny moments in the beginning. The rest of the first part is mostly dull and unimpressive. However, the movie changes to top gear in the second half, where there’s plenty of action and laughter. Sunny Deol is portrayed to have superhuman strength, as he punches through walls and bends iron rods, all while beating the bad guys to pulp.

Bhaiaji Superhit is a typical Bollywood masala movie, not bad for a one time watch. If you like action comedies and want to see how the “dhai kilo ka haath” has progressed, you can surely watch this movie.

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