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Bharat Gaurav Designer Nivedita Saboo In A Candid Chat With Harshita Dagha On Her New Line Of Masks

The pandemic has chugged human race and its plush lifestyle smoothly into a black hole.
Accepting lifestyle changes as a part of “new normal”, mankind is peddling towards reviving the economy while trying to adhere to safety norms.
In such times, masks have not only become a critical weapon to fight this virus, but also an additional, intangible accessory to our daily ensemble.
Breathe Safe: The One Stop Solution
After rejecting 57 prototypes, National(Suryadutta) Award Winner Nivedita Saboo has stepped in the market giving her all-in-one final consumer solution with the 58th prototype in April 2020 – stylish, technologically advanced, hygienic and sustainable BreatheSafe masks.
The designer who has outperformed supreme market performers with a sale of over thiry thousand, is also becoming popular among A-listed celebrities.
“My friend and Designer Nivedita Saboo has developed the #BreatheSafe 98.2% certified masks that are absolutely comfortable and safe and I loved collaborating with her on her initiative of creating a mask design together.
#SahasKiVijay is a slogan that resonates with me and I wanted to encourage each individual to be positive and courageous and not be dejected by this challenging time,” Fashion star Arjan Bajwa comments.
Comfort Is Key
While consumers are dealing with major discomfort with wearing masks everyday, Nivedita Saboo makes sure comfort takes front seat. “I had to make sure it sits on the face, on different face types,” she said.
The Bharat Gaurav Awardee emphasises on the importance of audibility through the mask as much as the oxygen-carrying capability and breathability of the mask.
She recalls how she also focused on ear loops as she added, “Had to make sure they don’t dig into your ears so that you don’t get rashes.”
Too Active To Wear Masks? Not Anymore
Saboo assures that BreatheSafe is an intelligent option for the fitness-conscious herd.
“It’s amazing how many are already using this mask to run, play tennis, exercise, to climb mountains. Every one of our clients who are already using the mask are doing all their activities in these masks.
She believes that pictures of people running and jogging and thanking her for the masks add joy and value to her life and product.
Personal Touch
The National Fashion Director of Mr World, Mr India and Mr Supranational talks about how to enjoys customising masks, especially in the bridal market. “We’re doing a special line of festive masks, same design but in different fabrics to go with sherwanis, your Diwali outfits.”
Saboo gently reminds how she works diligently to maintain the quality of her product while customising them. For brides, we’re using Swarovski crystals to make their initials.” She also has launched a range for masks to go with particular colours for festivals.
As long as the masks are reusable and suffice safety norms, Saboo keeps the choice of customisation open.

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