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Bhutan Diaries: A trip that will always be remembered

NewsPatrolling : PatAs Paul Coelho elegantly quotes in Alchemist, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

And I can say I have achieved it with my Bhutan Tour. After deciding that Bhutan would be my travel destination, I started to focus on logistics. The intention was to travel solo. I found out that the Bhutan Immigration rules state that the single travelers by road cannot get a permit to enter the country. Being an Indian, jugaad is in our blood and veins. I started to search for any loophole that would land me in the “Land of Thunder Dragon”!

After a week of filtering the Google search results, I found out the cheat code that I used to get permit to enter Bhutan via road.

Bhutan is known for its essentially undisturbed ecology and traditional ways of life. The serene atmosphere is a perfect setting for such gentle and understated exploration.

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