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Big Blots on Humanity

In today’s dynamic world we come across so many cases of human-trafficking,prostitution,eve-teasing,acid attacks on women, gang-rape etc….all these cases has such a heart-rending story that can undoubtedly petrify us.It’s hard to believe why do people do that?What makes them to do such kinds of horrendous activities? Did they really forget that time that they are humans too, not animals?

On priority basis,as everyone knows that there are many television shows which interprets some stories of such cases to awake indeed, to aware common people. Prostitution is business or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment. Sadly, India is one of those countries which have prostitution at its high. And this time girls are being dragged and forced into prostitution.

A very recent case of Ghaziabad, a father himself forced his own daughter into prostitution just for the sake of money. It wondered, that how can a father send his own daughter in that vicious well. The reason behind this is, “sheer poverty”. Is he lame or paralysed that he can’t even do a respectable job rather than sending her own daughter in prostitution? At one side , India claims very proudly  that a woman (a nari)  is someone who is praised above everyone  and she is equivalent to “Durga” and“Lakshmi”.  But on the other hand, “this is what A Real India is”. The grimness of the situation is India can be imagined from the fact that the estimated no. of people affected by human-trafficking in the country is anything between 2-5crore.

Now let’s turn your focus on the extremities of rape cases. In 2011(NCRB) National Crime Record Bureau, declared 24,206 reported rape cases, although it is pretty sure that there are much higher no. of rape cases which are still “unreported”. Can anyone pinpoint “why” behind this largest no. of rape cases in just an year? The real stories of rape victims almost never come out tightly sealed as they are in shame, taboo and a sense of futility. But when they do come out, the stories, they stagger you with the unbearable weight of each personal tragedy.

The most hideous case of gang-rape , which was observed on 16 dec. 2012 of a 23 year old girl who was a Para-medical student were hanging out with her male friend.  In the meanwhile, they hired a bus and 6 men sexually assaulted her and physically violated with her friend too. But the major concern is results are still unknown. Itnot just ends here; there are a lot of stories, which remains unreported. In India, rape cases generally do not reported immediately. Infact, policemenwill give their best to thwart the victim or their families if a culprit is a son of rich politician or some prestigious icons.

When there is any candle-march organized in our cities for any of these above crimes on women, we whole-heartedly participate in it but when we actually confront that situation we took a step back rather to help that person. India is no longer the safest country for women, bythese vicious stories it has stripped off the tag of “safest”. It has battered India’s image so bad that after the case of Delhi gang-rape, there is a 35% ofdownfall in women tourism. In this regard, there is a dire need to take some stern actions to preclude all these crimes. Public outcry can lead changes so, the need of an hour is that instead of waiting and let another major crime to happen beforehand, we should force our government to implement strict laws for women’s safety and tougher punishment for the culprits or perpetrators against women exploitation.

By : Komal nathani

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