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Big goof-up: Meghalaya BJP observes 2-minute silence over fake news of Vinod Khanna’s demise

Vinod Khanna’s hospital photo has gone viral and there are many other stories, some fake, some real, circulating in the media. The Meghalaya BJP members committed a big blunder when they came to believe in a news story that had announced the actor’s death. Believing it to be true, the Meghalaya BJP members observed a 2-minute silence in the honor of the actor. It may be recalled that Vinod Khanna is himself a BJP member and he represents the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency in Punjab.

Later, when the Meghalaya BJP members came to know that the news was fake, they realized what a big mistake they had committed. Expressing his regret over the goof-up, general secretary David Kharsati said “We wrongly observed two-minute silence and we are extremely sorry about it. We wish Khanna a long life.” Explaining the chain of events, he said, “Two of our members watched TV and informed us about his demise and we believed it without verifying. We have issued a statement apologizing for the grave mistake that we made. Please cooperate.” 

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