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Biggest challenge for Google AI – identifying objectionable videos

Google’s AI has come up against its biggest challenge yet, which relates to its ability to automatically detect hateful and extremist videos. It may be recalled that several leading brands have boycotted YouTube after it was found that certain advertisements were running alongside hateful and extremist videos. Due to the boycott, it is estimated that Google parent Alphabet Inc. might lose nearly $750 million in revenue this year. This may be just 1 percent of the overall targeted sales this year, but even then it necessitates that Google upgrades its AI for improved performance.

Experts say that existing AI technology lacks on various fronts and it is not as advanced as it is generally believed to be. They also said that if there was a company that could improve AI tech, it would be none other than Google. Some experts even suggested that Google should use more human editors since AI currently has limited abilities to identify offensive videos. In its reply to brands that have boycotted YouTube, Google said that it is constantly making improvements in its machine learning algorithms, even though 100% accuracy would be difficult to achieve.

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