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Bihar alliance rift widens as JD(U) and RJD leaders start ignoring each other

The rift between Bihar alliance partners JD(U) and RJD has increased substantially, as was evident today when Bihar deputy chief minister Tejashwi Prasad Yadav did not attend a government function that was attended by chief minister Nitish Kumar. The organizers had neatly placed Tejashwi’s nameplate at the event next to Nitish Kumar, but Tejashwi skipped the event entirely. Initially the nameplate of Tejashwi was covered after he did not arrive, but later when it became certain that he would not be attending, the nameplate was removed. The government function was organized in connection to the World Youth Skill Day.

The matter was further escalated by what Nitish did next. In what appeared to be a subtle response to Tejaswi’s skipping the event, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar switched seats to avoid labor resources minister and RJD leader Vijay Prakash who was sitting next to him. Nitish switched places with the help of JD(U) minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh who was sitting on his right side. It was apparently to send the message the Nitish, who has a clean image, does not want to be seen with tainted RJD.

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