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Bihar CM’s support to PM on demonetisation angries party allies

download-2Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s frequent praises for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move on banning 500 and 1,000-rupee notes to curb corruption and scrap out black money from the country has upset his allies – Congress and RJD.

Kumar’s earlier this week had stated, “PM is riding a tiger to crackdown tax evasion, forgery, counterfeiting and terrorist funding”

Leaders close to Mr Kumar who wished not to be named said that Kumar believes that the PM’s move is largely supported by the public, which is why he does not want to attack it.

“Kumar though is supporting the scrapping of Rs500 and Rs1000 notes at the same time, he has alarmed the Modi government of the sufferings being faced by farmers and the poor,” said a senior leader close to Kumar.

The praises on line by the Bihar CM has not gone well among the Congress, which has the lowest share among the three-party coalition government in Bihar.

Ashok Choudhary, Congress senior leader and a minister in the Nitish led Bihar-government, warned Kumar of pulling support from the coalition government.

saying, “Nitish Kumar should be more frank on the issue.

He said, “We are in this coalition government on directives of the high command. We can also pull out if they order that.”

In the centre, Delhi, the Congress has hosted several meetings with opposition parties to jointly attack Narenrdra Modi-government in Delhi over the scrapping of Rs500 and Rs1000 currency notes.

A large number of parties say they condemn black money and are opposing to the scrapping of highest denomination notes within few hours as the poor are suffering because the Modi-government did not plan the move properly before executing it.

The parties claim that the needy have to stand for hours in queues and some have been standing in lines for days to pull out money from bank and ATM kiosk.

Senior leaders in the Congress including Rahul Gandhi have charged the Indian Prime Minister of taking one of the India’s biggest economic decision without consulting other political parties.

Sources in the Congress hinted that party leaders from Delhi have asked Kumar to stand with them to condemn Modi’s decision of scrapping the currency which is leading to various hardships being faced by millions of people.

While, RJD supremo – Lalu Yadav – who is openly stating that the move by PM to control black money will be a failure, is upset with Kumar’s declaration of ‘full support’ to Modi on demonetisation.

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