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BJP lawmaker throws bottle in river, even as water minister looks on

BJP lawmaker Priyanka Singh Rawat was caught on camera throwing an empty plastic water bottle in the Saryu River, even as Uttar Pradesh’s Water Resources Minister Dharampal Singh stood by her side. The incident happened during an inspection of an embankment that was built on the Saryu River, which is located on the borders of the Barabanki district, around 100 km from Lucknow.

The Saryu River holds great importance among Hindus, as it has been mentioned in the Vedas and Ramayana. Ironically, after the inspection was over, the minister talked about the government’s commitment to clean the rivers in the country. When asked about the water bottle, no appropriate replies could be received.

UP minister’s security guard carries gun during MRI scan; damages Rs 5 crore machine

You might have seen this in a movie, but it has happened in real life in a hospital in Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh Textile Minister Satyadev Pachauri’s security guard underwent MRI scan while still carrying his loaded gun. The MRI machine produces a strong magnetic field and due to this, the security guard’s loaded gun got pulled out and got stuck in the MRI machine. It may be noted that all metallic objects are removed before undergoing an MRI scan.

However, the minister’s security guard failed to follow the standard protocols. The incident happened at Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Institute of Medical Sciences in Lucknow. Sources said that the incident has damaged the MRI machine, which costs around Rs 5 crore. Repairing it would incur expenses of Rs 40-45 lakh.

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