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BJP MP Varun Gandhi’s support for Rohingya Muslims criticized by party leaders

After young BJP leader expressed his support for Rohingya Muslims, the party has strongly condemned his statements. In an article published in a leading newspaper, 37-year old Varun Gandhi, who is BJPs MP from Sultanpur, said that Rohingya Muslims should be given asylum by the Indian government. This statement is just the opposite of what the government has been maintaining in recent times in connection with the topic of Rohingya Muslims. The government has already told the Supreme Court that Rohingya Muslims are a threat to the security of the country and they already have links to terror organizations in Pakistan. The center has clarified to the Supreme Court that Rohingya Muslims are not refugees, but illegal immigrants. The government has told the Supreme Court about its intentions to deport around 40,000 Rohingyas who have entered the country and are staying here illegally.

Based on intelligence reports, it has been found that Rohingyas may be used to create communal violence in India. These people do not have any love for India and are here just because no one else is ready to accept them. Varun Gandhi’s statement supporting Rohingya Muslims has been criticized by several BJP leaders. Responding to Varun’s statement, Minister of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir said, “Anybody who has national interest in mind will not make such a statement. It’s not about my opinion or acceptance. What the government had decided is in national interest. No one should go against the government’s decision on Rohingyas.”

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