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BJP not against Muslims, even when they don’t vote for us, says Ravi Shankar Prasad

Replying to a question during the Mindmine Summit in Delhi, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that even though Muslims don’t vote for BJP, the party has ensured proper sanctity for them. The question was about the impact of development on culture and diversity. Responding to the question, Prasad said, “We have got 13 chief ministers of our own. We are ruling the country. Have we victimized any Muslim gentleman working in the industry or service? Have we dismissed them? We don’t get Muslim votes. I acknowledge very clearly, but have we given them proper sanctity or not?”

Prasad also brushed aside allegations of communal politics. “We salute diversity and culture of India. There are two ways of looking at it. Let me be very frank today. There has been campaign against us for a very long time, but today we are here because of blessings of people of India,” he said. Prasad also shared his experiences saying that he has visited several Muslim-dominated villages where he had witnessed that Muslim youths are operating Common Service Centers that have been launched to help people gain access to government services online.

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