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BJP wins 3 MLC seats in Uttar Pradesh

The UP assembly election results may still be quite far, but BJP has something to cheer, as it has won 3 MLC seats in Uttar Pradesh. The MLC elections for five seats were scheduled to be held on February 3, but due to error in ballot paper, the elections were rescheduled to February 6. Some parties had requested to postpone the announcement of results, but the EC decided to declare it. Of the 5 MLC seats, BJP has won 3 whereas the other 2 were won by independent candidates. The seats won by BJP are all Graduate constituency – Gorakhpur-Faizabad, Bareilly-Moradabad and Kanpur. The other two seats are Teachers Constituency – Jhansi and Kanpur.

The MLC election results went largely unnoticed due to the ongoing UP assembly polls, but PM Modi mentioned it during his rally in Budayun. He said that the results show the support of people for BJP and that things have started moving in the right direction. Political pundits say that the MLC wins will be a significant gain for BJP and may influence the outcome of assembly polls to a certain extent. PM Modi said that even better things are in store for people, hinting to the UP assembly election results, which will be declared on March 11.

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