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Blogger, Game Developer and Traveler Connor Addis Soon To Visit South-East Asia

Connor Addis, a popular blogger, game developer and traveler, is soon to visit South-East Asia for backpacking trip and more.

A marketing specialist and traveler from UK (Bournemouth), Connor Addis has decided to visit various countries around the globe. He is also a game developer, and has published posts on popular gaming websites such as authority game industry website Gamasutra. He wants to become a well-known traveler, and has set his eyes on the Asias subcontinent.

In June, Addis will spend time in Toronto, Canada. Next he will go to Poland and then travel to Asia for a wonderful backpacking trip. From there, his itinerary includes Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and then back to Thailand where he wants to personally experience the magnificent sight of the Thai Islands.

He will then visit Malaysia and Singapore. By September, he plans to complete his Asian trip. He intends to visit the capital of Penang, Georgetown, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site having colonial buildings, mosques and temples more than two centuries old. The Bay of Descending Dragons is the last site that he wants to visit in Asia.

From Asia, he will travel to Russia. He will begin his trip from Vladivostok to Moscow, through the world-famous Transsiberian Railway. The backpacking trail through south-eastern Asia happens to be extremely popular, and many people have been trying it out for many years. Connor Addis aims to follow their trail and has already published a post about his itinerary on his Facebook profile.


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