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Blue Whale ‘suicide challenge’ – Myth or reality?

If reports are to be believed, the Blue Whale suicide challenge is a game that is causing the deaths of many adolescents. Reports say that there are different versions of the game and it is not always named like that. Often, the game comes with harmless names such as ‘silent house’. Young gamers are attracted to these games and are tempted to try it just to satisfy their curiosity. Reports say that when a gamer signs up for the game, they are assigned an administrator, who then gives them some specific task to complete every day. The gamer thinks this is fun and continues playing the game.

For every task completed, the gamer has to provide evidence to the administrator that the task has been completed. This continues for many days and on the last day of the game, the 50th day, the administrator asks the gamer to commit suicide. The administrator also threatens the gamer that if they don’t comply with the suicide task, he will share all their information with their parents and other users. This threat may not work on an adult, but some adolescents with impressionable minds really take this seriously and end up committing suicide. Reports indicate that more than 130 adolescents have died as a result of such games.

However, it is difficult to prove if such games really exist and if people are really dying due to it. Nevertheless, be cautious, especially if you have a loved one who is an adolescent and loves playing online games.

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