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Body Positivity Lingerie – Best Friend of All Curvaceous Women

It’s time to love your curves all over again! This festive season, do not worry about your under fashion game and keep your style statement highly on because here is the list of esteemed lingerie brands to help you with all your plus size lingerie needs.

A good plus size bra should cater to all your needs with respect to perfect size, fit, style and colours & patterns of your choice. With the right size, the cups fit like a glove and help in keeping the body shape upright. For work, gym and parties you should look for the best minimizer bras to make your breasts look smaller. This is especially needed if you like wearing western wear, as these clothes are tailored for women with a relatively smaller bust line. Buying a good plus size bra should be the end of this dilemma.

With an array of plus size bras available across our online & offline stores, these brands are sure to provide you with a wide variety of choices in terms of colours, style, and pattern along with your daily comfort needs.

  1. Clovia: The fastest growing lingerie brand in India. Clovia is committed to providing high-quality and premium fashion collection, it provides an unmatchable lingerie range to choose from.

PLUS SIZE BRA – Women that are blessed with large bosoms, need to select their bras cautiously. At Clovia all you would need to do is take our two minutes fit-test. And, just filter your size from the drop-down. You’ll have all the choices in a wide price range.

Price Range starts from Rs 349 onwards

Website Link:

  1. Groversons paris Beauty:There is nothing in the world that adds to the self- confidence of a woman other than an outstanding pair of undergarments. Groversons literally has everything and more. It offers various sizing options from straight, curve as well as designer and floral prints.

PLUS SIZE BRA- Buying a bra with big cup size is very easy and convenient as Sparsh by Groversons Paris Beauty offers a wide range of plus size bras that contours the curves of curvaceous women wonderfully. It gives you the right fit, comfort, support and lends proper shape to your breasts and is perfect to be worn under all kinds of outfits. The fabrics used are breathable and light keeping in mind the daily lingerie needs of a voluptuous woman. The bras designed at Groversons Paris Beauty give extra support to your breasts and prevent sagging problems. The extra plus size bras are equipped to allow side support too. Side spillage also needs to be curbed to make your curves look more flattering. A good bra should be able to minimize side spillage and bulges and give your breasts a more defined and contoured shape.

The range starts from Rs 249 onwards

 Website Link:

  1. Zivame –Founded in 2011, Zivame was born with the vision of helping women to uninhibitedly shop for intimate wear. Along the way, we saw the power of this idea and how it helped women break norms.

PLUS SIZE BRA- It offers a wide range of products for women; including lingerie, activewear, and women’s apparel through its all channels. Zivame has a wide variety of Plus-Size bras, all available in different ranges of comfort and pricings.

Price Range starts from Rs 249 onwards

 Website Link:

4.Enamor- The brand always believed that lingerie is the most intimate expression of a woman’s style, and that’s precisely why they have worked so hard in creating size-inclusive collections.

PLUS SIZE BRA- From enhancing comfort to boosting confidence lingerie has the power to transform one’s life. Plus size bras are especially needed if you like wearing western wear, as these clothes are tailored for women with a relatively smaller bust line. Buying a right plus-size bra should end this dilemma.

Price Range starts from Rs 399 onwards

 Website Link:

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