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Bollywood movies inspiring youth with fashionable jewelleries


Bollywood movies play the sole source of culture in India for decades now. The young generation seems to have been inspired by its fashion culture too. By attending any Indian wedding you will get the proof for the influence that Bollywood has on the Indian society. The pieces of jewellery adorned by Deepika Padukone in the latest hit movie Padmaavat has been an exquisite trend setter for the youth. The role that she played of Rani Padmini portraying a resplendent image definitely left us all in the state of awe. The magnanimity showcased through her get up and choice of jewellery has been a prime trend for the youth to follow. If you are worried about the affordability of these amazing pieces of art, your solution is artificial jewelleries that are so much in demand, these days.

  1. The vintage necklace –Ranihaar:

The Ranihaar came into existence during the royal era designed for the royal queens and princesses. The exquisite pieces of jewellery cover up the neckline completely. The Ranihaar was crafted with precious gemstones engraved on precious metals that make their affordability a little difficult. But with the invention of artificial jewellery you can own a Ranihaar without spending your entire budget.

  1. The traditional art of engraved chokers:

The choker necklace that Deepika is embracing in the movie Padmaavat has taken away all the attention. It is made out of gold with precious gems embedded on it. If you are looking for a choker exactly like this at an affordable price you always have artificial jewellery to come to your rescue.

  1. The splendid trinkets:

The splendid combination of a pair of earrings with nose ring used by Deepika Padukone in the movie Bajirao Mastaani with the no make-up look became the ultimate trend-setter. The grungy eyes with the bold eyebrows seem to have inspired the youth in an immense way. The chandelier earrings are available in the form of artificial jewellery for you to combine it with vibrant traditional wear.

  1. The ethnic love of Borla:

Borla in the simple language known as the maang-tika worn by Rani Padmini is a bell-shaped accessory which you cannot think of ditching during wedding ceremonies. This piece of jewellery decorated on your head will give a touch of royalty to your appearance.

The intricate jewelleries that you need but are afraid of exceeding the budget, artificial jewelleries can always help you in getting the look that you desire for.

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