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BONN Group launches Oregano Burger Bun

April 7th, 2021: Leading FMCG brand Bonn Group of Industries has always surprised their consumers with their exciting range of offerings. The FMCG major has now unveiled Bonn Oregano American style burger bun for the progressive lifestyle-conscious consumers, who are demanding more options in the on-the-go food category. These buns will be available in stores across Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi and NCR.

Bonn’s Burger buns, known for their rich taste, are quite popular among all the age groups especially youngsters. India is considered a potentially huge market because nearly 50 percent of its population is under the age bracket. Bonn Oregano burger buns are loaded with bouquet of health benefits as oregano is rich in antioxidants, helps fighting with bad bacteria, possessing anti-cancer properties and also reduces chances of contracting viral infection. These burger buns are equally fresh and sumptuous as other buns in this category.

“Bonn believes in persistent innovation and being the leaders in the category, it is the prime responsibility of the brand to keep striving for innovations and offer healthy and lifestyle products to their consumers. Today’s, consumer also needs something different and exclusive. The launch of oregano burger buns to our product portfolio is one more step in this direction. The rise in supermarket in-store bakery is projected to attract a significant number of consumers, further contributing toward accelerated market growth. We have observed a significant increase in the healthy burger options in the in-store bakery. This will facilitate Bonn’s strategic expansion while assuring the brand remains sustainable in the long run,” said Mr Amrinder Singh, Director, Bonn Group of Industries.

Since consumers have become health conscious, they need nutritious foods to keep the lifestyle like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, vitamin/iron deficiencies at bay, therefore Healthy is the solution to these problems.

Unlike bread and other bakery products, burger buns in India are popular in urban demographics and gaining momentum in rural set up as well. Changing lifestyle, growth in organized retail and increasing consumption of processed and packaged food are the main drivers of this emerging trend of food products.

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