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Book review: Social Beat’s Digital Marketing Insights 2017

Digital marketing is now becoming an essential tool for brands to create that awareness and buzz around their products and services. With the boost in the internet consumption and data/information consumption patter of the people, this trend has gathered much momentum in the past 5 years. Owing to this trend, brands have realized the importance of inculcating digital marketing tools in their communication approach for their respective audiences. This is not only benefitting the brands in making them stand proud and tall among their competitors, but also adding financial benefits.

If you also own a business and need a plan to reach out to your target audience most effectively, then we have a solution to this. Social Beat’s book on Digital Marketing Insights 2017 is a comprehensive and complete guide to understand how the process works, detailed study on the various tools under this process, etc. The book throws light on social media marketing as well, as this (social media) has become a boiling pot for exchange of ideas, awareness, and communicating directly with our audiences. Apart from digital marketing and Social media marketing, the readers learn about key trends, case studies, facts about advertising, web designing, content marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), video/app marketing.

Some of the sections of the book that attracted my attention the most are mentioned below. I am sure these topics are going to grab maximum eyeballs and also educate its readers –

–          Time to shift from Print to Digital Media

–          An ultimate guide to using Instagram stories

–          Social media strategies to boost your ecommerce

–          How design can help tell a brand story

–          Ways to leverage local SEO and Google Maps for your business

This book is a must-have for all the beginners who are new to the field of digital marketing, but are all set to leave behind everyone with their clear understanding of the entire subject. The case studies featured in the book are very interesting and insightful, and takes the reader through various stages that one might come across while using digital marketing tools, and how to overcome the hassles if something critical happens. One factor that makes this book all the more special is that it is especially written for the Indian businesses and audiences, unlike other much famous books on the subject.

If you have recently started using digital marketing tools for your social media pages (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) but are unable to reap the desired results, then this book will solve all your business hassles. The book even has a special feature on Facebook marketing trends as Facebook has become the most popular and extensively used social media platform. There is a section in the book that has a compilation of tips and techniques that will help you overcome all the doubts and bust the myths around digital marketing and social media marketing. These inputs for the section in the book have been taken from different digital marketing experts across the country.

The book has been written and compiled by a team of digital marketing experts that includes – Suneil Chawla, Vikas Chawla, Abhishek Kumar, RohitUttamchandani, Anuradha Nair, Purushottam K, Panisa Shah, PoojaPatil, Lalitha Shukla, Farida Bharmal, Allan William Moses, Nandita Raman, Roshni D Chhabria, Syed Ali Faizaan, Bindhya VC, AkshitaWadhwa, SnehaBalasubramaniam, , Ayesha Rafeeq, ParvathiSridharan, PournimaBalasubramaniam, and Boobalakrishnan.

Written by Social Beat, the agency is one of the leading digital marketing agency in south India (Bengaluru, Chennai & Mumbai). It offers 360 degree solutions to digital marketing. The agency has various feathers on its hat that proves its supremacy in the sector. Social Beat is the only agency that got nominated for Search and Display innovation awards. The book is available across all the leading e-commerce websites, at a price of approximately 350-400 rupees. In a nutshell, the book is complete awesomeness packed in 188 pages, for marketers looking to make the most out of digital marketing.

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