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Both atheists and religious people are unafraid of death

A new research study conducted by scientists has revealed that both atheists and highly religious people are unafraid of death. The study examined the relationship between death anxiety and religious beliefs by compiling data gathered from various articles published between 1961 and 2014. The data provided information about the religious beliefs and death anxiety of around 26,000 people worldwide. It was revealed that people who were intrinsically religious had the least levels of death anxiety, whereas people who were extrinsically religious had higher levels of death anxiety. Intrinsic religiosity is marked by true belief whereas extrinsic religiosity is motivated by social and emotional factors.

The research also revealed that atheists, people who do not believe in god or the existence of a higher power, were also the ones who had the least levels of death anxiety. It is generally believed that religious people are less afraid of death as compared to atheists, but this new study shows that both religious people and atheists are unafraid of death. The findings of the research have been published in the journal Religion, Brain and Behavior.

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