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Bowl of Dedication

Kuppies presents an assortment of food delights with a long list of flavors. Based out of national capital the company is winning hearts across the northern part of the country. The company is a family run business and has already started to bind the customers with its flavors and range. The long list of food stands out individually with each hand down on innovation and making phenomena. The food plethora goes large ranging from fudgy Brownies, Cupcakes, skinny muffins, moist sliced cakes, cheesecakes and much more.  The place is a must hit spot for all sweet lovers and the brownie is as good as its name fame.


Scratch and No compromise have been the 2 mantras this store is living by. The best thing about the place is there no hard and fast thumb rule designed to work; they customize goods as per individual taste and preference. So if you are a chocolate lover and wish to find your niche; Kuppies is the ideal place for you to define the niche.

The review comes after 3rd visit and the flawlessness every time boosted the confidence on products worthiness. The entire gamut of activities created a feeling where everything looked like FARM to FORK taken care with full synergy. First and Foremost the texture of the food stands out from what we normally see at regular stores. Chocolate Brownie at the store is like melt in mouth experience and a must order for every chocolate lover. The first bite lead to LAVA burst within the mouth and left soaring with a WOW feeling. The cookies present you with a gratifying crackle as you break through the outer coating following it with a sweet explosion as you bite into it.

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When you eat these you will get the flavor of dark chocolate in your mouth along with the sweetness of the brownie. The Brownie is made with Imported Real Dark Cocoa solids to give a chocolate burst in your mouth. The brownie is 100% veg so it can be enjoyed by the vegetarians as well. The brownie tastes very gooey and fudgy and leaves you with the feeling of having more.

One of the most fascinating facts of the Kuppies dark choco chip brownie is that it comes only at a price of Rs. 18 per piece and has a shelf life of 2 months (under refrigeration). Because of the low price of the product, you might as well stock a handful of these in your refrigerators of your kids and yourself of all the sugar cravings at odd hours. These also will serve as a perfect dessert option post meals. So, don’t waste time and grab your stock from your nearest retail stores.

The food looks to be inspired by the passion of the maker while cherishing simple pleasures.  For slow eaters, a word of caution, grab it as quick as possible. Even after eating a couple of brownies, you may want to have another couple of it yet again. Every bite is guaranteed to put you in a sinful indulgence.

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