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Boys could soon wear skirts at a leading London school

The Highgate School in North London is currently examining a proposal that plans to introduce gender-neutral uniform options. If approved, it will allow boys to wear skirts at the school. The proposal comes in the wake of the rising number of students who are facing issues with their identity as boys or girls. Speaking about the proposal, headmaster of Highgate school said, “This generation is really questioning [if we are] being binary in the way we look at things.” The existing dress code in Highgate School allows schoolgirls to wear grey trousers, dark blue jackets and ties, but the boys are not allowed to wear the grey pleated skirts that the girls are allowed to wear. The boys also have to wait till age 16 when they become eligible to wear earrings.

The school authorities are currently taking inputs from experts regarding the best possible gender-neutral uniform dress code that can be implemented. School officials also said that the parents will be consulted before any decision is finalized. Some people appreciated the move saying that if a certain dress makes someone happier, then it must be a good thing. However, not everyone likes the idea of the proposed changes. People who are opposing the proposed changes said that it will send the wrong signals to students.

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