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Brazilian prisons now controlled by prisoners

unnamed (1)Fresh violence in Brazilian prisons have left more than 10 inmates dead and 3 decapitated as violent riots gripped a prison in the North-Eastern city of Natal. The prisoners have temporarily seized control of the prison.

Violence at prisons in Brazil has become very very common as the war between different criminal gangs escalates. The war between the gangs in currently underway to gain an upper hand in the control of drug trafficking routes and prisons. Prisons are very important for the gangs as a lot of inmates are gang members, whose safety is of utmost concern for them. Any loss in men is a major loss of manpower for these gangs.

The fight between the prisoners at Natal is believed to have been between members of the local gang Crime Union and the Sao Paulo based (PCC) First command of the Capital gang. The exact number of prisoners who were killed is yet to be ascertained as authorities are yet to conduct a thorough probe.

The Natal prison, the Alcacuz State Penitentiary is home to over a 100 prisoners as compared to its capacity of over 620. The gangs in the prisons are so strong that the state’s authorities are being forced to negotiate with the gangs for peace.

The total number of deaths that have happened due to prison riots stands at a 100 in the last few days. The prison attacks are forcing authorities to address the problems of overcrowded prisons.


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