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Breaking : Lead Ravi Dubey’s reaction on netizens calling Matsya Kaand “Sasta Money Heist”

By : Harshita Dagha 

Jamai Raja fame Ravi Dubey steps in as lead in an engaging con thriller Matsya Kaand which is set to air on MX Player on the 18th of November, 2021.

“My favourite role so far, is Matsya,” he confesses his love for acting as we ask him what he is more – a TV actor, an anchor or a performer.

What Matsya is all about

We ask him why he chose a character so different from all his on-screen performances and he talks about how Matsya is not really different from the person that he is.

“We are not very different. I feel most aligned with Matsya. He is not a violent guy. He does his cons with brains and wit and relationships than brawn and muscle and violence and aggression. I feel I’m in complete resonance with Matsya.”

Ravi Dubey’s reaction on netizens calling Matsya Kaand “Sasta Money Heist”

There are a lot of conversations happening on the internet which happen to directly compare Matsya Kaand to Money Heist basis the trailer which speaks of a professor and a team and how they perform acts of cons with clear wit and elan much like in Money Heist.

While Ravi agrees that Mastya Kaand is also a con thriller like Money Heist, he denies any similarity between Matsya Kaand and Money Heist. He says in fact they’re very different and that Matsya Kaand has a very 90’s quintessential vibe.

Matsya on being a spend-thrift in real life

Ravi humbly admits by raising his hand that he is the spend-thrift in real life and Sargun is the one who saves up. He adds that while he got the understanding of brands from Sargun, it is now hard for him to go back.

Ravi Dubey enacts Paresh Rawal, Sonakshi Sinha and SRK during promotions

During Matsya Kaand promotions, Ravi Dubey tried enacting dialogues from Dabang, Don and Hera Pheri and the charm has quite left the audiences wanting for more from this chocolate boy.

Dubey firmly believes that his audiences are as invested in him as he is in his audiences and that they will love him irrespective of the channel or medium on which he performs, be it television, OTT or the big screen.

He signs off with a fashion tip: “Before you make eye contact, make shoe contact” when we asked him about the funky look he was donning during promotions.

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