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Bribery rate highest in India among Asia Pacific countries: Transparency International

In a report published by Transparency International, India has shown to have the highest bribery rate. The report is based on a survey conducted in 16 Asia Pacific countries. As per the report, nearly 70% of people in India who had used some form of government services had paid a bribe. The least corrupt country was Japan, where only around 0.2% people said that they had paid a bribe. The only good thing about India is that more than 50% of respondents said that they appreciate the government’s efforts to tackle cases of bribery. However, nearly 40% of respondents said that there has been an increase in corruption in the last one year. Around 63% respondents felt that it is a matter of individual responsibility to fight corruption.

The survey took inputs from around 22,000 people across 16 Asia Pacific countries. Overall, around 25% of people said that they had paid a bribe for accessing public services. For the purpose of the survey, public services included public schools, public hospitals, official documents (such as identification card, voters card), public utility services, the police and courts. While India was at first spot in taking bribes, the second spot went to Vietnam, where around 65% people said that they had paid a bribe.

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