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Bride-perfect skin in five simple steps

There are appointments with tailors, meetings with wedding decorators, final shopping for the wedding and then there is your beauty regime. Each as important as the other. Weddings are as tiring as they are memorable, and you are in the midst of all celebrations. While we can’t help you with your other to-do tasks, we can make it easier for you to take care of your skin. Here are four tips from experts for your big day!

Know your skin

Understanding what works for your skin type is half the battle won. Most women make the mistake of using too many products on the skin when only one can do the job. Use only what suits you, especially if your wedding is only weeks away.

Say no to new products

Trying new products a few weeks before the wedding is not the best decision. While you know what works best for your skin, new products can cause an unexpected reaction. It’s also best to reduce the number of products you use since breakouts happen for a number of reasons. Weather changes, menses, certain types of food and stress can contribute to skin breakouts.

Welcome hydrating fruits in your diet

This works wonders and also, let’s admit it, it’s the easiest one. There are some fruits which are more beneficial for your skin than others. The best fruits that let your skin feel alive and fresh are watermelon, bananas, strawberries and tomatoes.

Cleanse your skin at night

Experts believe this is one of the most important tips for brides-to-be. Cleansing your skin at night not only promises a refreshed face but also less hard work in the morning. The two-step cleansing process should be followed by moisturising. We recommend using a mild moisturiser which is suited to your skin type.

BY: Shikhee Agrawal, AVP, Kiehl’s

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