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Budget session of Parliament began today

parliament-759The Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be presenting the budget on the 31st of January, 2017. Almost all political parties, including NDA constituent and BJP ally Shiv Sena has opposed the presenting of the budget before the assembly elections. The Bhartiya Janata Party aims to influence the voters in poll bound states by announcing many benefits, sops and incentives.

This will be the first time that there won’t be a separate Railways budget. The Government was mulling the introduction of a separate Agriculture budget, but it doesn’t seem to be happeing as of now. There is a lot of pressure on the Government to share details of the effects of demonetization on the Indian economy. The Government and the RBI has so far refused to share details about demonetization.

Many economists beleive that demonetization has had a negative impact on the economy, but international agencies have said that moving India towards a cashless economy and making it more digital.

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