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Building Immunity: Ensuring Holistic Health and Wellness in Winters

Ayurvedic Rasayanas, diet and lifestyle are the three main aspects to promoting planned immunity required now.

December 2020: Starting from winter 2019 to winter 2020, the world at large has been reeling under the unprecedented health crisis, which the COVID-19 has brought in. This winter has been relatively going tough as it poses a double challenge of building the immunity to combat the infectious rage of the pandemic as well as maintaining holistic health to ensure wellness.

This winter, focusing on boosting the immunity must be a top priority to ensure a winter of wellness. But what should we do to get it done? Is the balanced diet – season’s fresh produce in leafy greens – the excellent sources of folate, fibre, calcium, iron, and vitamins C and K, which encourage immune cells in the gut to function properly enough to sail through the double challenge this winter? Or do we need to have something else to mitigate the challenge? Of course, we need more! Besides a good diet, as per the Ayurveda, we need to include Rasayanas – made up of individual fruits, herbs and spices in our dietary regimen.

Deliberating on maintaining holistic health and keeping the level of immunity up and going to combat the pandemic, Mr Anand Shrivastava, Chairman, Maharishi Ayurveda said, “Understandably, this winter has set in with the double challenge – building immunity to safeguard us from the infectious wave of COVID-19 as well as keeping ourselves healthy that may ensure ultimate wellness. As the challenge to maintain health is double, we need to be extra careful in terms of diet as a whole. Diet doesn’t only include the grains, fruits and vegetables, but as per Ayurveda, Rasayanas are also an integral part of the diet. The Rasayanas made up of many kinds of natural herbs are chosen and blended carefully in a precise proportion. Ayurvedic Rasayanas are considered holistic, integrated, and preventive, causing a positive impact on the physiology with no side effects.”

“Ayurvedic Rasayanas rely on the healing characteristics of nature’s own intelligence. They have both a nurturing effect and a detoxifying effect on the physiology. Ayurvedic Rasayanas, diet and lifestyle are the three main aspects to promoting planned immunity (yuktikrit) because we need to have our immunity level above average nowadays. Rasayanas provide holistic, balanced support to our immune system, not just isolated support to any one aspect of the immune system. And building immunity doesn’t only enable us in combating infection but also help in ensuring holistic health and wellness in winters,” added Mr Shrivastava.

Significance of Rasayanas in Building Immunity and Ensuring Health & Wellness.

With the rate of infection of COVID-19 still spreading at rapid rates, keeping our immunity high has never been as important as it is now. And as per Ayurveda, Rasayanas have to play a pivotal role in building immunity and ensuring holistic health. According to Acharya Sushruta, the substances which decrease the ageing process, increase longevity and increase the mental as well as physical strength and which destroy the disease process are found in Rasayanas.

One of the Rasayanas bearing all the characteristics is Maharishi Amrit Kalash. It is made up of a combination of fruits, herbs and spices. It is enriched with the goodness and synergistic combination of 53 time-tested natural herbs. It is proven through about 80+ published scientific studies conducted internationally to nurture mind, body and spirit for enduring youthfulness, boosting immunity and re-enlivening the innate intelligence of all the organs collectively.

The thing that distinguishes Amrit Kalash is that it is a ‘Rasayana of Rasayanas’ — what we call a ‘Super Rasayana’. It incorporates all the best qualities of the best herbs in Ayurveda, in a synergy that is able to deliver all of the benefits that researchers are beginning to tabulate. This Super Rasayana can play a key role in your daily life. Be it for immunity, destress or holistic wellness.

“Rasayanas are considered the primary method for maintaining health and vigour. Literally translated, a Rasayana is that which enters the essence — in other words, that which promotes health and longevity. And that which negates old age and disease. Rasayanas definitely help support natural levels of immunity at every stage of life and provide balance to offset the impact of changing seasons on the physiology. Rasayanas are believed to improve metabolic processes, which results in the best possible biotransformation and produces the best quality of bodily tissues. It nourishes the whole body and improves natural resistance against infection by increasing our immunity power,” said Dr Saurabh Sharma, Medical Superintendent, Maharishi Ayurveda Hospital.

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