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Sitting abreast of a bonfire, I discerned a sense of consternation.
The witching hour was teeming with trepidation.
It was the phase of the evil
It was an admonition for adversity
“When will this eeriness invert?”, I mused
“What power on Earth can swallow it up?”
And when the cosmos was in a sense of plight
Asudden a balmy amber came to light.
An embodiment of courage and aplomb ’twas,
An epitome of power and positivity.
Every little thing was vivacious in its presence.
Every soul was simmering down in its pleasance.
A quiescent facade,
A burning soul,
A warming prominence,
And an unremitting goal.
“Where has all the adversity gone?”
“Why have all the murkiness withdrawn?”
Seems all of it is a bygone,
In front of your brawn. 
Oh, You doughty sun!
Lay upon your might, Lay upon your mettle.
Keep my desires burning.
Keep my cognition yearning.
And when the nocuous is waiting in disguise,
I wait for the seemly hour to rise!
By: Atul Jha

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