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Busting the myths about knee surgery

knee surgery

Knee arthritis is not a single disease, per say, but, acondition of joints leading to inflammation(swelling) degeneration. It is estimated that about 45 to 50 million people suffer from arthritis,but out of themabout 5 lakh need knee surgery or a total knee replacement (TKR) at any point of time.

According to Dr Sushil Sharma, Senior Orthopedic surgeon, Kailash Hospital, Noida & Chairman of Arthritis Foundation of India, “At present,only1,20,000 knee replacements are done every year in India.Many arthritis patients lead painful and compromised quality of life due to the psychological block that holds them from opting for surgery. Therefore, there is an urgent need to address the myths that are associated with knee surgery.”

  1. I am too young for this surgery

Not age but functionality is the criteria. Rheumatoid arthritis patients may need TKR at a young age, while Osteoarthritis patients will need it at an older age; say only after 55 years.

If the patient’s knees have limited their mobility and restricted their day to day activities like climbing stairs even if it is just 2 floors, thenthey are a right candidate for TKR.

  1. I should wait until I can’t walk

It’s a misconception. Infact, if a patient can’t walk for even a km or 2andtheir X-ray shows significant damage/change, it is better to undergo surgery.

  1. If I go for TKR it will wear out in 10 years and I may requireasecond surgery

No, with scientific advancement the joint implants have evolved and last 20 to 25years. Anybody above 55 years of age, going for TKR is unlikely to need a revision surgery in lifetime.

  1. There will be excruciating pain and I will not be able to return home soon after the surgery

Post a knee replacement surgery, patients require only 5 days of hospital stay. The pain is generally not unbearable and is managed with medication.

  1. My whole knee will be replaced

No,only the rubbing surfaces in the knee joint, that is thelower surface of the thigh bone anduppersurface of leg bone, called cartilage and the inner surface of knee cap are replaced.

  1. TKR means my exercising and sporting days are over

One can exercise, cycle and even go for long walks post knee surgery.


By: Dr Sushil Sharma, Senior Orthopedic surgeon, Kailash Hospital, Noida & Chairman of Arthritis Foundation of India

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