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Cable car in Kashmir falls to ground; 5 people killed, hundreds stranded

In a tragic incident, five tourists were killed when a tree fell on a ropeway in Jammu and Kashmir’s Gulmarg. The impact of the falling tree was such that it dislodged one of the cable cars from the ropeway. The cable car fell hundreds of meters down to the ground, resulting in the death of 5 tourists. Due to the incident, the cable car service has been stopped. Hundreds are people are said to be stranded due to the stoppage of cable car service. Efforts are currently underway to rescue the stranded people, most of whom are tourists. It may be recalled that the ropeway is a popular tourist destination in Kashmir.

Officials said that the tree fell down due to high winds. This is the first time that such an incident has happened in the cable car’s history. The ropeway service was started in 1998 and it was built in collaboration with French firm Pomalgalski. The people killed in the accident were from a family coming from Delhi. There were two children as well who were killed after the cable car came crashing down hundreds of meters to the ground. A local guide named Mukhtar Ahmed was also killed in the accident.

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