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Calcutta High Court raps Mamata Banerjee for banning Durga idol immersion during Muharram

Newspatrolling: A matter that was earlier taken up by saffron forces, the ban on immersion of Durga idol during Muharram has now been opposed by the court as well. This is being considered as a major setback for Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress (TMC) in West Bengal. Mamata had always supported communal harmony, but her government’s decision to ban Durga idol immersions during Muharram is not something that signifies communal harmony. Mamata has often accused the saffron organizations of creating trouble, but now her decisions are being challenged even by the court. The saffron organizations have already protested against this biased decision of the government and had said that the state cannot dictate the timing of religious functions.

It may be recalled that the West Bengal government had issued a notification last month, in which it was stated that Durga idol immersions will be banned after 6 PM on September 30 and on October 1 due of Muharram. The notice said that the immersions would continue from October 2. Later, the notice was revised, allowing immersions till 10 PM on September 30. Responding to the notification, the Calcutta High Court said, “Why can’t two communities celebrate together? When you are firm there is communal harmony in the state, why are you creating communal distinction between the two? Let them live in harmony. Do not create a line between them. Let them live together.”

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