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Call 1100 to get your bribe back

Newspatrolling: After a survey placed Andhra Pradesh at second spot, next only to Karnataka, in the list of most corrupt states in the country, the state government has launched an innovative scheme to tackle corruption. If you live in Andhra Pradesh and have been a victim of corruption, for example, if you have paid a bribe for availing any government service, you can now dial 1100 and get the bribe money delivered back at your doorstep. And the best part is that you may find that the government servant who took the bribe may himself come knocking at your door to return the bribe money.

“So far 12 persons had returned the bribe amounts to the citizens in the past few days. In one instance in Kurnool district, a panchayat secretary had returned money to 10 citizens,” Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu said. The 1100 service was launched on May 25 and it has received a tremendous response from people of Andhra Pradesh. Some people said that it is having the right effect on public servants, as they are now extremely afraid to take bribe. The 1100 helpline is part of the People First grievance redressal mechanism, which seeks to build a happy, healthy and sustainable society.

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