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Can Ayurvedic Treatment of Panchkarma Cure Squint In Eyes?

Written by Dr. Sushma Tiwary (Ayurvedic treatment specialist at , Ahmedabad)

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The answer to this is ‘yes’, but the exact mode of treatment will be decided by the Ayurveda doctor. Depending on the age and health profile of the individual and the type of squint (strabismus), the Ayurveda doctor may prescribe ayurvedic treatment of panchkarma. The doctor will also decide the type and frequency of panchkarma treatment depending on the severity of the squint. In addition, the Ayurvedic doctor may prescribe Ayurvedic herbs & medicines and yoga exercises for effective treatment of squint.

There’s a general perception that squint is caused by weak extraocular muscles that control the movement of eyes. This might be true, but rarely does someone talk about the reasons that have caused the weak muscles in the first place. Since the general perception is about weak muscles, people think that it can only be resolved through surgery. However, this is not true since squint can be cured with a combination of ayurvedictreatments including the ayurvedic treatment of panchkarma. Ayurvedic treatment for squint does not require any surgery and it is completely free from side-effects, said Dr. Sushma Tiwary (Ayurvedic treatment specialist at , Ahmedabad)


The ayurvedic treatment of panchkarma can be used in combination with ayurvedic herbs and yoga exercises for effective treatment of squint. Panchkarma ayurvedic treatment is based on ancient wisdom, and it focuses on removing toxins from our mind and body. Panchkarma ayurvedic treatment also restores the balance between the three doshas (bio-elements) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When the toxins are removed and the doshas are balanced, the human mind and body start functioning in perfect sync to each other. Reaching this state of supreme health is very useful in the treatment of squint. Further improvements can be made with ayurvedic herbs that strengthen the nervous system and its coordination with muscles that control eye movement. Yoga exercises will focus on strengthening the weak muscles, and with practice, this weakness in extraocular muscles can be effectively treated.

The problem of squint affects an individual’s confidence and it’s a major barrier in their personal and professional lives. If left untreated, the affected eye may stop functioning completely. This is why it is necessary to get proper treatment for squint. Ayurvedic treatment of panchkarma offers an effective approach to cure squint in eyes. Many people have benefited from panchkarma treatment and that too without having to worry about surgery or side-effects. The best way forward for the treatment of squint can be prescribed by an Ayurveda doctor. If you or any of your loved ones has squint, it is advisable that you consult an Ayurveda doctor.

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