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Can love be arranged??

love_heart_wallpaper_6-t2Love is a feeling of affection. It is a strong sense of attachment for others, be it living or non-living ones. It can be an emotion for oneself, other fellow humans, plants, animals, food, cars, books, sports and what not. It is a feeling of sheer joy and ecstasy for one to experience and cherish. And, anything from which one derives pleasure and excitement becomes lovable.

Among human beings, love is a bonding between two individual hearts. It is a state of hearts being connected always, where, one beats for the other, feels the pain and joy of the other and has a feeling of care, concern, respect and reverence for the other too. Love is when an individual is able to understand the feelings of the other without the barrier of words. This invisible connect forms the base of love. And to develop bonds of this kind, it can take seconds, hours, even years or it may never happen at all. Moreover, love is delusional many a times. One must be able to differentiate between concern, lust and love. What others may think of as love may be just a feeling of concern, respect and care.

This development of connection between hearts is beyond human control. Love between two individuals can never be arranged. The origin of love takes place at heart. It has no influence and involvement of this manipulative human brain. The feeling has to come up on its own. Even if one succeeds in planting the seed of love, without the support of the heart, it is sure to die sooner or later because feelings in one’s heart cannot be altered or manipulated. That’s why, love is considered to be eternal and a state of pure bliss.

At times, when one stays in touch with someone or something for a longer duration of time, there are great chances for affection to develop. But until and unless there a feeling of sheer love, it may not last long enough. Love when arranged or planted can never be sustainable. The life span may be a few days, even a few years but it will never be eternal-one which lasts forever.

 By: Satyam Harsh

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