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Can we build any app using Flutter?

Developing an application without multiple code changes is every developer’s dream. If you are interested in mobile development technology, you probably came across one handy technology known as Flutter. Don’t know about Flutter? We are here for you. In this section, you can find everything you should know about this technology.

 What is Flutter?

Flutter is known as an open-source mobile SDK developer that is used to make native-looking IOS and Android applications by using the same code. In simple words, it is a type of platform that allows you to build an app without making any extra changes in code. If you are one of those who want to create an IOS or android app without any extra effort, Flutter can be the best option for you. This technology was introduced by Google.

It can be used by any developer and organization because it is an open-source UI toolkit. It allows the developer to build natively compiled applications for web, mobile, and desktop from a single codebase. One of the main advantages of this technology is that it works with existing code. It means developers can make their own application by changing the existing code. It boosts the app development process and decreases the complexity and cost of app production across the platform.

What type of apps can be developed with flutter?

This open-source UI software development kit is introduced to support apps that run on both IOS and android. It is also used to develop interactive apps that you can run on desktop or WebPages. Its’ package ecosystem supports various services (ads, authentication, payment, cloud storage) and hardware (storage, network, global position system, camera, and more). Flutter is perfect to develop apps that are required to deliver highly branded designs. With this, you can include a pixel-perfect experience.

Many developers are using flutter to develop game applications. Because it offers the best game engines such as Feathers, Quill, Flame, Sprite Widget, and flutter_unity_widget to develop high-performing 3D, 2D, complex and lightweight games. It aims to provide 60 Fps and 120 Fps performances on devices that are capable of 120 Hz updates, which is difficult to beat with other SDKs. Flutter is also used to develop on-demand apps such as food apps, transportation apps, grocery apps, and more. In the current business industry, these apps are quite trending.

Some examples of innovative apps (developed by Flutter) are listed down for you.

  • Alibaba (Ecommerce)
  • Google Ads (Utility)
  • Brich Finance (Finance)
  • Reflectly (Lifestyle)
  • Coach yourself (Health and Fitness)
  • Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)
  • Hookle (Social)
  • Watermaniac (Health and fitness)
  • SG BusTracker (Map and Navigation)
  • Cryptograph (Finance)

 Reasons to choose flutter for app development

Save money and time: 

Flutter allows developers to use the same codebase for developing Android and IOS app because it is a cross-platform development tool. Cross-platform development is the best approach for saving time and resources in the app development process.

Quick development

Flutter boosts the app development process. Flutter is very famous among app developers because of its’ hot reload feature. Hot reload permits developers to immediately check the changes applied to the code on simulators, emulators, and hardware.


Flutter allows the developers to write just one codebase for 2 apps. It means developers can use a single codebase for both platform IOS and Android.

Flutter does not depend on the platform because it has its own design and widgets. In simple words, you can develop the same app for both platforms with this tool. If you want to differentiate your apps, you can do without any extra effort.

Open source technology

It is an open-source technology supported by an active community of developers. You can get flutter without any charges.

Offer the best performance

It offers the best performance because of two reasons. First, it has its own widget so you don’t need to access the OEM. Second, it utilizes Dart which compiles into native code. These features reduce the performance issues and offer a fast app startup.

Advanced programming experience is not required 

Developers (with little programming experience) can learn and use flutter for app development and prototyping. This tool is accessible to developers familiar with imperative programming concepts (conditions, loops, arrays, etc) and object-oriented concepts (variables, classes, methods, etc).

What does flutter include?

  • Interop and plugin APIs to connect to the system and 3rd-party SDKs
  • Rich set of widgets implementing iOS-style and Material Design
  • APIs for unit and integration tests
  • Heavily optimized, mobile-first 2D rendering engine with excellent support for text
  • Headless test runner for running tests on Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • Include Dart DevTools for debugging, testing, and profiling your app
  • Advanced react-style framework

Command-line tools for creating, building, testing, and compiling your application

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