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13 Voyage, an Open Art Studio redefines the journey of a brand or creation through the lens of creativity! Proudly established by the Photographer Duo – Prachi Shukla & Shikhar Shukla, 13 Voyage has come a long way in narrating brand stories through their photography.

Rolling back to an era of vintage Kodak cameras, when our parents utilized the camera rolls to capture our childhood – This has been an inspiration for Prachi to step into Photography. Since her childhood, she had seen her father clicking her memories and that’s how her affinity towards photography grew stronger.

Shikhar caught an eye for photography in 2012 while he was assisting Shoojit Sircar. It was a deep revelation for him to learn the beautiful blend of light and composition. With his own journey of self-discovery, he traveled and practiced photography!

A Union of Power Duo – While they pursued Post Graduation in Photography, they were amazed to create a perfect balance of unique ideas and realistic perception.”

Talking about knocking a digital doorway in these tough times, 13 Voyage has effectively used this lockdown to bridge the gaps between brands and their customers through their appealing visuals. While the world is swept by the pandemic and with restrictions being imposed on human interaction, it is the digital version that helps customers to visualize the beauty of their favorite brands.

With a hint of such tough times by our side, it is equally important for businesses to accept the situation and embrace innovation to drive new business strategies.

In a digital universe, where technology is booming day by day, 13 Voyage is utilising every bit of it to embracebrand innovation and create an online presence with impactful visuals.”, quotes Shikhar.

It was a turning point for 13 Voyage when they got an opportunity to work with Arvind’s Lifestyle for their beautiful collection of denim and corduroy. Since it was to be launched in London, they gained a fresh perspective of presenting a collection sprinkled with unique ideas and philosophy of beauty. They explored international aesthetics and captured every fine detail of the culture and locations.

13 Voyage believes in reflecting the emotions behind a photograph. Capturing an image is not just about the perfect angles or camera dynamics, but it is about putting life onto a still moment.

They say, “They love to work with PEOPLE. As they are known for making a mark in Fashion, Advertising, Documentary, and Fine Art, their work mostly revolves around human elements.”

With human portrays depicting a strong emotion, they discuss the subject that may stand out. According to Prachi, influential campaigns holding a great meaning, are paving their way to deliver an impact of photography in today’s world. The focal point has shifted to conveying an idea rather than just selling it.

After human portrays, the editorial is the stream that may take a plunge. It is quite flexible to play around with the storyline since it gives enough freedom to experiment with fresh and creative ideas, quotes Shikhar.

Aspiring to step into Bollywood, 13 Voyage looks forward to dwelling into the world of art, where every element around them comes straight out of realistic perception. They are amazed by the idea of how artistic it is to present emotion in the form of music, acting, or photography.

Discussing the realistic perception of art, we come across a word that’s used almost everywhere – PHOTOSHOP. Yes, the realistic approach and “Photoshop” contradict each other!

Shikhar says, “While everyone is using Photoshop, there is an immense satisfaction of keeping the natural vibe alive during a commercial shoot.”

Prachi adds, “Shooting on the field for a commission project is Creativity with a Purpose. Shooting doesn’t just involve capturing stills from a camera. The overall process of exploring different locations, props, and ideas along with a hands-on pre-production element is quite overwhelming.”

The art behind capturing the perfect visuals is interesting to the level that during their leisure, Prachi and Shikhar, end up baking chocolate cookies (along with some fresh ideas, of course!). With music by their side and a cup of hot brewing coffee, they can win the world!

With the idea of spreading their love for photography, they have a success mantra for the budding photographers – “Never Stop Learning!”

It gives immense pleasure to experiment with your ideas and make way for a journey that you can call your own!

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