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CARA abolishes “pick and choose” system for child adoption

The Child Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) has announced a new rule that effectively abolishes the old system where couples seeking adoption were allowed to pick and choose the child of their choice. Under the new system, couples will only have the option to reject or accept the options made available to them. The new rule will come into effect from May 1. In the old system, couples were provided three options to choose from, but now they will only get one option to choose. Speaking about the new rule, CEO of Child Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), Lt Col Deepak Kumar said, “The rate of adoption was very slow and the children would remain in the referral cycle for a very long time. Under the new method, we will be able to refer all children in our adoption pool to an equal number of prospective parents.”

Under the new rule, there will be three rounds and in each round, the profile of a different child will be shared with the couple. They will have the option to accept the child within 48 hours or reject the proposal. Each of these rounds will be held at a gap of 90 days. If they reject all three proposals, they will go back to the bottom of the waiting list. The new rule is intended to discourage commodification of adoptable children. Currently, there are as many as 15,000 couples who are seeking child adoption.

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