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Career Option after Graduation for a Computer Science Engineer

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Computer Science is one of the best choices for students planning for an engineering degree. The reason is that the job prospects are better not just in India. Yes, graduates with computer science engineering can find jobs in foreign countries as well. The good thing about this branch is that it offers a wide range of employment opportunities in some of the best companies in the world. In fact, a job in the IT sector is considered next to government job in India.

Thanks to the technology:

The excellent aspect of technology is that it manifests itself in many ways in our lives. So, it is not possible to separate it from us anymore. Computers are universal devices, and so computer science engineers have excellent job prospects. The success registered by companies like Google and Facebook and also IT solution providers like Wipro, Infosys, and TCS motivates many students to take an engineering course in computer science.

What are the career choices available for computer science engineers?

After getting a computer science degree from one of the top institutions, candidates have different career choices says career guidance experts. In fact, some of them decide this in advance. So, they take up courses based on their career goals. For instance, those interested in taking up software testing as their career take up the appropriate education when they are still in their degree course. Similarly, there are many different choices. Here are the top three career choices available for computer science engineers:

Mobile application developer:

Mobile applications are governing many of us these days. Nowadays, it is hard to find people without a smartphone. Further, most companies show interest in developing an application for their business. They want to do this to reach their target audience right in their hands. For candidates with a degree in programming skills, application development is a fresh opportunity to go on board.

This job market needs IT professionals with knowledge and skill in C++, C, Java and native app development. For their hard work and also their expertise, companies pay mobile app developers well. An entry-level professional can earn an average of Rs.353904 per annum. This field is relatively new with tremendous growth prospects.

Information security professional:

Information security is a dynamic field. It is not a very popular field though. However, with a promising future, there is no wonder that this domain attracts new talents. If you are lucky enough to have a degree in computer science engineering, you are most likely to enter into the glorious field of information security.

To move ahead with this career, you should show some serious intent. Yes, you can take up certificate course in ethical hacking. Once you get into the industry, you can show your talents to raise the ladder. Further, you can take up more sophisticated courses like Certified Information Systems Security Professional course. You should keep expanding your knowledge based on the industrial trend.

Software testing:

Software testers are playing a significant role in the IT industry for improving the quality of the application. If you wish to become a software tester, you should know the entire software development cycle. The reason is that you should do testing at each phase of software development.

There are certificate courses offered by software training institutes in India that will help you gain an insight into the testing field. Even though programming knowledge is not essential for a tester, it will help you in the long run for sure. Of course, you will gain programming knowledge in your computer science engineering course. Further, taking testing courses will help.


Apart from these three career options, computer science engineers, of course, can choose to become software engineers. They also have the opportunity to pick graphics designing as their career.

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