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Career options for those who are good in maths

Math is the most commonly studied subject globally, according to Cambridge international study. It says 66 percent of students are being privately tutored for mathematics, while 43 percent are tutored for physics. Yet, it’s a fact that everyone is not a math lover! Loving numbers and doing calculations is not everyone’s cup of tea! Whilesome students love statistics, algebra, arithmetic among others, few might fear them. And it’s quite okay to love or not to love mathematics. There should not be any shame in fearing mathematics and vice versa. For math lovers, the career opportunity looks very promising.

Let’s dive deep to understandcareer options for a person who is good in math:

How can you reach to a conclusion to say Virat Kohli is India’s third-most successful Test captain after M.S Dhoni and Sourav Ganguly?You analyze and interpret data from their test matches. It needs the expertise to reach such a conclusion that can be presented in the form of pie charts, bar graphs, tables, etc. A statistician is a good career option for people who are good at maths. The role is required in a number of areas including healthcare, education, crime, business, ecology, politics, sports and entertainment and practically speaking in every field you can think of. To be a statistician, you need to have Bachelor’s in Mathematics/ Statistics followed by a Master’s in Statistics.

What’s common among Amartya Sen, Raghuram Rajan, and Manmohan Singh? They are the notable economists of our country who have immensely contributed in formulating economic policies for our country. An economist evaluates economic trends and predicts future. They do it by adopting research, collecting and analyzing data on a variety of topics ranging from inflation, taxes, interest rates, employment levels to name a few. To be an economist, math is regarded as an indispensable tool. To be an economist, you need to be good in math along with Bachelor’s in Economics, followed by a Master’s in Economics/Econometrics/Applied Economics.

Market researcher
When Kurkurewanted to launch Chocolate Kurkure a few years back, they did a market survey to understand the acceptability of such a product. However, the survey results were not in favor of the product and the company immediately called off the idea of launching Chocolate Kurkure. Therefore, the role of a market researcher is quite interesting you see. Market research findings have saved many lakhs for the brand. As a market researcher, you will gather and analyze data about market conditions, competitors and customers. The results of such an analysis form the basis of launching or canceling the launch of a certain product. To pursue this career, one needs to have graduation in mathematics, statistics, economics or psychology.

Psychometrician designsset of questions/quizzes to measure different psychological traits such as: ‘She is an introvert’, ‘she keeps secrets’ ‘he is very good in logical reasoning’ etc. A psychometric test revealsdifferent personality traits including aptitude, intelligence, andbehavioral traits. Such tests are also conducted to understand any pent-up pressure/disorder as well including depression and anxiety. To conduct such tests, psychometricians collect data from a sample, prepare and analyze data, use different statistical tools tofinalize questions for the final test. Hence, a person who is good in math can think of choosing this interesting profession. For that, you will need to have a Bachelor’s in Psychology followed by a Master’s in Psychology/ Statistics.

The above is a list of professions I find very interesting for a math lover person where the person can be around numbers and doing the tasks s/he would love to do.

By Sachin Gulati, Founder TruMath

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