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Caring For Safety of Kids withBlurSpy Kids Monitoring App!

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The biggest threat parents of this internet generation are facing is to stop them from getting obsessed with the internet. But unfortunately, it has gone out of parent’s hands now. Kids are more technologically smart, and they have access to such apps and sites which parents don’t even know about. This has become an alarming situation now because according to various surveys teens spend 5-6 hours of their day on the internet. Which means almost half of their day is wasted in surfing the web. They have accessed dating websites and numerous social media apps which can be disastrous if left unchecked. Mobile tracking on your kid’s devices is the only situation which gives you an insight of their activities and does not harm the trust relationship between you two. BlurSpy android spy app is designed specifically for those parents who are busy in their lives and are worried about their kids at the same time.

According to numerous spy software reviews, BlurSpy is the best all in one package which does not leave any glitch in its spying process. Here are some fantastic features of BlurSpy android spy app:

  • Stealth mode

If you are hesitating about starting tracking your teen’s device, then BlurSpy Android monitoring software has a solution for it too. Because all BlurSpy features are completely stealth and hidden. Your kid will never get suspicious if he is being spied on. This amazing app does not require a rooted, which facilitates tracking an Android incredibly. None of their devices is hidden from you now!

  • Screen recording

Social media apps have increased massively and protecting your kid means to make sure that none of his social media apps is harmful to him. For this purpose the BlurSpy screen recording feature is great. You can record Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, tinder and many other apps’ screen altogether. You will not have to face any stress in selecting these apps separately because they all work together in harmony.

  • Geo-fencing

This amazing feature ensures the security of your kid in real life. When he goes out of the home, you can still protect him. With BlurSpy mobile tracker, you will always be notified when he enters a place you marked dangerous for him. The detailed and updated map displays all the places your child has stayed in. Similarly, you can mark a safe boundary for your kid, if he goes out of that boundary, you will immediately be notified. This will help you in protecting him from real life harms without facing any hassle.

  • Browsing habits

If you are determined to protect your kid from all the negativity present out there in the world, you will have to scrutinize his internet too. The websites he visits and the videos he has downloaded might be vastly dangerous for him. With BlurSpy cell phone tracking software you can check the sites he visits often. If you feel that a particular web is not suitable for him, you can ban that from his Android device or personal computer.

  • Fear of the unknown

When kids are growing, they do not have a fear of many things. An important one of them is trusting the strangers. Most of them are found talking and sharing their personal details with absolute strangers through their instant messengers. But you should take precautionary measures to protect them from these potential dangers. BlurSpy android phone spy enables you in doing this. It gives you full access to their call logs and chats histories. You can quickly judge their intentions and the level of relationship they share with their online friends. Blurspy is the best spy app which ensures that your kid is thoroughly protected from the dangers of the virtual and real world. Be a smart parent and never leave a weak point in your kid’s upbringing.

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