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Cars’ Life Expectancy

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A few years back, cars were not technologically advanced and suffered from random, undetectable faults. Their life was shorter in terms of mileage or time. It was noticed that on average, a car of model 1995 started losing its worth after only eight years.

Cars these days have improved technology with a greater comfort and requires less maintenance.Older cars are being replaced with the new ones at faster rates as new technology and reliability attract the customers. Now, the life of an average car is expected to be around 10 to 15 years.

Newer theCar, Morethe Price

As the technology improves, cars are being made safer and lighter. Emphasis is on lesser fuel consumption along with top-notch comfort and style.To target the rich community, extra advantages are added to the cars that include state of the art navigation system, extraordinary details and enhanced driving assistance.

The enhancement of the cars with the latest technology makes new cars expensive. Many customers are unable to buy them easily. For this, they wait for years to replace their older cars with the latest ones.

To make the replacement easier for you, we have selected a transportation company that minimizes your difficulties and lets you replace your older cars with the new ones at an affordable rate.

 Hollimon Transportation

Hollimon transportation provides numerous ways to replace older cars with the newer ones conveniently. Their policies are budget-friendly and allow their customers to trust and rely on them. Their staff is congenial and are concerned about their customer’s satisfaction. Expertise in the field allows them to provide you with extraordinary services that you deserve.

Used cars offered by Hollimon transportation are handpicked and quality is ensured to provide their customer with the best ones. A detailed information, pictures and condition of the car are provided to their customers initially.For customer’s satisfaction, they offer extended warranties which definitely come at an affordable price.

They offer a car trade-in that makes it convenient and hassle-free for their customers to buy a newer car straight away. It is undoubtedly the best place to trade in car San Francisco.Moreover, thecar trade in deals for new car in Austin are highly considerable. Everything is taken care of and there is no discrimination in our services on the basis of location. Same quality of service is provided everywhere.           

            The company reviews every application individually and makes sure that their established relationship with banks, guarantee you an automobile finance. They offer:

  • National bank financing from 1.9%
  • First time buyers’ program
  • 2nd chance financing
  • Financing for Self employed
  • Financing for Cash Paid employees
  • Approvals when other lenders can’t
  • Flexible terms
  • Approvals with open auto loans

How to contact Hollimon Transportation

To make it convenient for their customers, Hollimon transportation are open six weeks a day except for Sunday. From Monday to Friday they operate from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. On Saturday they work from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

For contacting them from anywhere, you can either send an email at their email address or you can call them on (832) 740-4863. You will find them very responsive and helpful.

Their website presents their customers with all the details and cars that are available with them.

Hollimon Transportation’s office is located at 6261 Richmond Ave, Houston, Texas.

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